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IFSTA Officer 2 Fire Officer II: A Fire Officer II is a mid-level supervisor who performs both supervisory and firs.. Product #: Off2 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $250.00 $250.00

Officer 2

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* Fire Officer 2 Courses:

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FO2 20-12 Starts 10/25/2020, ends 11/20/2020

FO2 20-13 Starts 11/22/2020, ends 12/18/2020

FO2 21-14 Starts 01/17/2021, ends 02/12/2021

FO2 21-15 Starts 02/28/2021, ends 03/26/2021

FO2 21-16 Starts 04/11/2021, ends 05/07/2021

FO2 21-17 Starts 05/23/2021, ends 06/18/2021

FO2 21-18 Starts 07/04/2021, ends 07/30/2021

FO2 21-19 Starts 08/15/2021, ends 09/10/2021

FO2 21-20 Starts 09/26/2021, ends 10/22/2021

FO2 21-21 Starts 11/07/2021, ends 12/03/2021

FO2 21-22 Starts 12/19/2021, ends 01/14/2022

This course is approved by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and meets the requirements for certification as Fire Officer 2. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be eligible to take the certification exam from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.  This course is offered 100% online with no need for students to travel for Skills Evaluation and Final Exam Testing.


Online (“First in the Industry” 100% TCFP compliant online, no travel)


Skills & Final Exam Testing, no travel required to complete course.


Location: Online


Cost: $ 250.00 per student; fee does not include textbook


Class size: This course is limited to 25 attendees


Required Text: IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer 5th Ed.

                             ISBN # 978-0-87939-564-3


Contact: Bill Adams    346-707-0530  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Complete the course with a 90% or higher average and receive our "High Academic Achievement" challenge coin.

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